Bettina Meister - photographer

As a photographer I make the personality, the essence of people, companies and countries visible. So that others see who you are, what you achieve and what is happening in the world.

Why am I a photographer?

I love to use the camera to make people, situations and things visible. My favourite thing is to photograph people and circumstances that are overlooked by others. I make the photos always in such a way that theese people are seen, that they stand out. With my pictures I help people, organisations and companies to stand in the light and become visible.

My emotionality is enormously important for me when photographing, because that's how really good pictures are created. I am a "heart photographer", which means that I not only see with my eyes, but also with my heart. 

I make the personality, the essence visible, feel deep into the people.

documentary photos

My authentic photos speak for themselves, they tell a story.

My photos bring companies, organisations, business people and bands to the forefront. They gain visibility and benefit from the professional photos they can use to communicate on their website, in annual reports, for their advertising, on social media and in the press. Through my many years of experience in marketing with leading international market leaders, I know which images are necessary for campaigns and am happy to provide creative advice to my clients.

Corporate Photos

I always act at eye level with my clients and other people.

Appreciation and respect for people (and nature) are elementary for me. And that's exactly what my clients feel. I don't just "shoot", I get into the soul and the wishes of the photographed. I think myself into them with my heart, communicate with them, even if I don't speak their language. And I put myself at their eye level.

A woman who enters my heart

One of my most impressing photo experiences

Off-road, I bump along a narrow track and end up at a gigantic viewpoint. A woman sits there in the strong wind in the sun and sells all kinds of knick-knacks and jewellery. She smiles friendly and impresses me with her incredible charisma. So much power, so much energy. Wow. I don't know what she has already experienced, but I feel that she will survive even the toughest times. She is tough and will never give up. Full of dignity and pride, she will fight. We exchange a few words without speaking each other's language, I ask her for permission to take a photo. She nods, I capture her aura with the camera, I don't care about the beautiful landscape at that moment. The woman fascinates me much more. I show her the photos I have taken. She beams happily at me and thanks me. I thank her even more and finally we lie warmly in each other's arms.

Konzerte Fotografie

Tourists appear next to me. They quickly take a landscape photo in not the best light, get back in the car and are gone. They did not give the woman a glance. It makes me sad that a precious human being can be overlooked and ignored. I imagine how the woman must feel at those moments and tears come to my eyes. She proudly walks away, pointing with her hand to a small stone house where she keeps her sales treasures and which gives her shadow. But at that moment, her donkey wants to go inside through the doorway and she has to push him away quickly vehemently. We say goodbye and I think of her for a long, long time. The clouds accompany my thoughts.

Photographing and portraying people is my great enthusiasm as a photographer. To bring out the person as they are, to capture them with the camera at the right moment, always remains fascinating for me. With my pictures I want to tell people's stories, make them visible and capture them for eternity. 

In my free time, too, I'm out and about with my camera every free minute. And in places where other people don't even look, I often discover the most interesting people and motifs.

I look forward to taking photographs for you.

Bettina Meister
Photographer, Stuttgart

WorldPressPhoto Contest 2023: Bettina Meister is among the 50 percent of the best photographers worldwide.

Member of BFF (Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestalter e.V.)
Member of the DJV (Deutscher Journalisten Verband - German Journalists' Association)
Member of Berufsfotografen

  Badge Siegel Berufsfotografen

  • 2018: Stadtpalais, Stuttgart: Stuttgart 500P
  • 2022: Pfundhardthof, Weilheim/Teck: Trees. Joint exhibition with Simone Eisenmann-Sigel
  • 2023: Gallery Nieser, Stuttgart: Stillstand
  • 2023: Gallery Nieser, Stuttgart: Encounter (Begegnung: Fishermen on Elba)
  • 2023: Gallery Strzelski, Stuttgart: Swissphotoclub Award (Top 50)
  • 2023: Calumet Stuttgart: South of Morocco


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