Make visible what might never have been noticed without you.
-- Robert Bresson --


Without photography, the moment is lost forever, as if it never existed.
-- Richard Avedon --


Never photograph something that does not interest you.
-- Lisette Model --


Don't give up photography if it's your passion.
-- Wolf-Peter Steinheißer --


We may be brilliant at subduing nature, but we all too easily forget that we depend on it for survival.
-- Sebastião Salgado --
Gute Fotos berühren und wecken Emotionen. Sie machen die Seele und noch mehr sichtbar.

The art of a good photograph is not to capture the body, but to show the personality, the essence of the person.

It takes much more than just pressing the shutter release. As a photographer, I see things that others don't see. Even things that the person being photographed doesn't see themselves.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography

A good portrait photo makes the personality and essence of the person visible. A very good portrait photographer even makes things visible that you yourself knew nothing about.

You recognize yourself and at the same time get to know yourself anew in your own portrait photo. And that is exactly why you find yourself in your portrait photo.

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Business photography (Corporate)

Make the personality of your company visible. Developing a visual language that is authentic, that fits to your company, is one of my tasks as a photographer. Because a company is more than a building made of wood, steel and concrete. It has a soul.

Show your corporate culture, make your corporate identity visible. Besides portrait photography and reportage photography, business photography focuses on unadulterated documentary photography. Tell real stories, convince with emotional photos.

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Reportage photography

Reportage photography

To accompany a story photographically. Documenting people in their everyday lives, the work processes in a company or life in a city.

Reportage photography means telling stories with pictures. Capturing the many small inconspicuous moments next to the big conspicuous ones. This creates motifs that would quickly be forgotten or overlooked without documentary photography. Capture your story with photos forever.

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concert photography

Are you playing on a stage, have a band rehearsal or need pictures for your next record cover or concert poster? With your concert photos and band photos, you are the stars! Whether you're famous or just starting out doesn't matter to me as a photographer.

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travel photography

travel photography

Making countries or cities visible so that others travel to them. Capture the extraordinary of a country with the camera and put it in the limelight. Looking where there are many tourists or even none at all. Present the sights in the most beautiful light. Showing people in their everyday life. Showing the unknown. That is travel photography.

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