The little things and unseen people are often the decisive ones.
They contribute to the personality and differentiate one company from another.


Making the invisible visible, telling and capturing stories with images. 
That is so important in this rapidly changing world.


Even camera-shy people become great personalities when I feel them with my heart, photograph them at eye level and with respect.


Events bring people together and connect them. The images reinforce the emotions created.
Bettina Meister is "among the 50 per cent of the best photographers worldwide", according to the jury of the WorldPressPhoto Contest 2023 & 2024.
Gute Fotos berühren und wecken Emotionen. Sie machen die Persönlichkeit und noch mehr sichtbar.

The art of good photography is not to capture the body, but to show the personality, the essence of people, companies or countries.

It takes much more than just pressing the shutter button. As a photographer, I see people first and foremost. I empathise with people and situations. I feel them with my heart and sense what moves them.


Business photography (Corporate)

Show your company's personality with real stories. With many years of experience with market leaders and around 20 years of agency experience, I develop a (visual) language for your company that is authentic and fits your company.

With my images, I show exciting, authentic stories for your company that were previously unseen in your day-to-day business. And it is precisely these often unnoticed things that bring a company to life and make it personal. The human element between all the machines leads to distinctiveness. They show your company in a unique and authentic way, from a human perspective, making your corporate culture and your corporate identity emotionally visible.

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Portrait photography

Portrait photography

There is no such thing as unphotogenic people. Every person has their own strong character, which I bring out of them when I photograph them. However, there are many people who are camera-shy. Before and during portrait photography, I therefore build up a rapport with the people portrayed. I take time for them, empathise with them and make sure they feel comfortable.
I don't usually take photos in a studio, but in natural surroundings, on outings, in the city, in a coffee shop or at charming rental locations. That way, the subjects lose their fear of the camera. They lose their shyness and the result is expressive, individual and authentic portrait photos.

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Reportage photography

Documentary photography

Through documentary and reportage photography, I accompany events and capture them in pictures for eternity.

I take documentary photographs of people in their everyday lives, the work processes in a company or life in a city and many other events. Even those that seem insignificant to you at the time, but later provide important historical memories and authentic evidence.

For your own "company", operational blindness sometimes creeps in. I would be happy to advise you on the selection of your events with my photographic view from the outside and with a view in which I focus on unseen and unnoticed people.

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event photography

event photography

Having professional photographs taken at company events, customer events, award ceremonies, press conferences or other events reinforces the positive emotional memories for everyone involved. Not only handing over a certificate to long-serving employees, but also capturing this photographically increases appreciation enormously. If the photos are handed out to the employees and guests a few days after the employee event or customer event, this generates renewed attention. The event has a lasting effect through the photography. Many years later, the pictures will tell the story of the beautiful, exciting, thrilling and perhaps even funny moments that would otherwise have been quickly forgotten.

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concert photography

You're playing on stage, have a band rehearsal or need pictures for your next album cover, press photos or a poster? You are the stars of your concert photos and band photos! Whether you're famous or just starting out doesn't matter to me as a photographer. I empathise with the music and provide you with the band photos you need. I feel your music with my heart and experience it emotionally when photographing it. Music connects all nations and cultures in a peaceful way and without words.

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