Fotoausstellung Bäume. Simone Eisenmann-Sigel & Bettina Meister

The photo exhibition "Trees." by Simone Eisenmann-Sigel and Bettina Meister will take place from 03 October to 13 November 2022

at the Pfundhardthof near Weilheim an der Teck. All paintings hang outside to be freely accessible at any time. Other formats and prints can be produced on request. If you are interested, please contact Bettina Meister.

About the exhibition:

Trees are survival artists. 

They steadfastly endure the cold, allow themselves to be attacked by hoarfrost, only to wrap themselves in a new dress of icy needles for a brief moment. They bow to the wind for decades to take on bizarre shapes. They grow into the air to emerge from the dense mist. They rout together to clear a path or find more support in a group. Some are loners and stand persistently alone in the vast landscape like ascetics. Others are mystical and surrender to the moonlight like fabulous beings. 

Trees that we consciously perceive are mostly ancient living beings. But before that, they accompany us for many years, hardly noticed. Without trees, our landscape and our world would only be half as beautiful. Trees are helpful, they are useful and we need them to survive. 

Trees are a miracle of nature.

With their first joint exhibition, the photographers Simone Eisenmann-Sigel (Pfundhardthof) and Bettina Meister (Stuttgart) want to give trees a place. They set out together to capture a small part of these tree wonders with their cameras. The pictures were taken in the Swabian Alb around Pfundhardthof and its surroundings, Breitenstein and Teck.

You can see a first impression of the exhibition here