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Photo exhibition morokko - Calumet Stuttgart

Alte Poststraße 3, 70173 Stuttgart

The photo retailer Calumet shows in its rooms on the 1st floor from July 20, 2023 (until March 13, 2024) some works from Morocco by the Stuttgart photographer Bettina Meister.

Morocco, a country between the Orient and Europe. So close, and yet so far. Bettina Meister conjures the soul of this wonderful country in her pictures. 

She traveled from Marrakech over the mountains of the High Atlas to the Sahara Desert and back: fascinating landscapes, lively cities and insights into the lives of Moroccans. 

If the pictures whet your appetite for Morocco and adventure, you can book a one-week photo workshop/photototour in Morocco's south with Bettina Meister. 

Opening hours:

More pictures from Morocco can also be seen on the website of photographer Bettina Meister:


About the photographer Bettina Meister 

Bettina Meister was born in 1969 in Gräfelfing near Munich and lives in Stuttgart. As a photographer she loves to make people visible and to portray them. Especially people who remain unnoticed or overlooked by others. 

With her sensitive images she makes the personality and essence of people, companies and countries visible. She feels her way into people and sees things in them that are sometimes invisible to the people themselves. In her work, not only the camera plays a role, but the photographer works and feels with her heart. With much appreciation and respect she meets other people and always photographs at eye level.

The photographer from Stuttgart is one of the 50 percent of the world's best photographers of the World Press Photo Contest 2023, landed at first go in the Swiss Photo Club Award 2023 among the top 50 entries, was published in Docu magazine with her work and has already had several solo exhibitions.