Reportageserie Fischer auf Elba im Finale des 17. internationalen Schömberger Fotoherbst 2023

Straight into the final of the 17th International Schömberg Photo Autumn Contest 2023

The jury of experts selected the photographer's reportage photo series about the fishermen on Elba as the final of the 17th International Schömberg Photo Autumn 2023. Bettina Meister: "I am very pleased that my reportage series has reached the final of this extraordinary competition and will be exhibited until 5 November 2023.

This confirms me in my work and my photographic vision of capturing a documentary as a continuous story. The photographic work was created as a free work within 24 hours - without me knowing in advance the processes or working steps of the fishermen. Now I am very excited about the announcement of the winners on 05.11.2023."

For the 17th international photo competition on "serial travel and reportage photography" Bettina Meister submitted eight pictures documenting the fishermen's work in progress. The pictures can be seen at Museum Haus Bühler in 75328 Schömberg until 05.11.2023. At the finissage on 05.11.2023 at 11 am, the winners of the competition will be announced.

During the four-week festival, all series of the final will be exhibited and judged by a jury of experts and the audience before the award ceremony takes place during the finissage.

The vernissage took place on 08.10.2023, opened by Schömberg's mayor Matthias Leyn and curator Joachim Haessler. The Schömberg Photo Autumn is a biennial international competition dedicated to the theme of "serial travel and reportage photography" and is thus unique in Germany. The 20 series of professional photographers that have reached the finals are exhibited in the Museum Haus Bühler, in the town hall and in the Kurhaus. The series of the amateurs can be seen in the windows of the shops in Schömberg. At the same time, there is an outdoor exhibition in the Kurpark and films will be shown and workshops will take place over the four-week period.

Come to Schömberg in the Black Forest, enjoy the wonderful landscape and the interesting photo series and feel free to cast your vote for your favourite series in the audience award. The ballot papers are available on site and can also be dropped off at the town hall.